Haobo technology


Haobao (Fujian) Innovation Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in Export Processing Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian, China, is committed to high-performance foam core materials and composite structure, providing a complete R & D, manufacturing, marketing and technical support. The company regards HyboFOAM® series high-performance PMI foam as the main product, also provide complete post-processing services, including CNC machining, thermoforming, bonding, and the production of composites specimen. Furthermore, Haobo high-performance foam application laboratory also provides training and technical guidance services to customers.

Competitive Advantages of HyboFOAM® PMI high-performance foam:

  • • High modulus, high specific strength
  • • Heat distortion temperature is up to 200℃ (392℉)
  • • Ease of complex surfaces’ machining process
  • • Suitable for medium & high temperature autoclave curing
  • • Apply to varied liquid composite molding
  • • Excellent di-electric property
  • • Significant cost advantage

HyboFOAM ® has been widely used in aerospace, UAV, rail transportation, wind power blades, medical equipment, radome, fishing floating, yachts and other fields.

  The company's operating philosophy:
  “Viewing broadly
  Learning widely
  Innovation with rich accumulation
  Competent quality”
  The company is committed to becoming a top high-performance foam core material R & D and manufacturing services providers.